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Fun Floral Journal Pages Course

About this course

Welcome to my class, "Fun Floral Journal Pages".

We are going to be covering loads in this class, so I hope you have lots of fun and really enjoy it. The lessons will include:

  • A peek inside my journals: so you can see lots of different ways that you can get creative in your own journal
  • Learn some floral doodles: including some basic designs, along with more detailed versions. You can use the worksheet to help you with this
  • Floral borders and dividers: to help you start getting creative in your journal
  • Mood tracker: a lovely visual record of how your mood has been over the course of a month
  • Dutch Door journal spread: let's get cutting!
  • Floral Wreath: start bringing all those beautiful designs together to create a stuning floral wreath
  • Illustrated lettering: lots of fun ways to use floral designs to take your lettering to the next level 

I can't wait to see your fantastic floral designs. After purchase, you will have immediate life-long access to this course.


About Helen Colebrook

I am an author, product designer and online teacher. I have worked on some great brand collaborations and featured in publications all over the globe. I currently have over 160K followers across my social media platforms, where I love sharing my journaling adventures