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Journaling for Positivity Course

About this Course

It can be so hard to keep a positive mindset. Sometimes, it feels like we are continually bombarded with bad news and terrible events, alongside any troubles that we are already facing in our own lives.  

I have found that journaling can be a really powerful tool to help combat this and it enables you to take back control of your own mindset.

In this class you will learn 8 of my favourite techniques that you can use in your own journal, to bring about a more positive mindset. This class will cover:

  • Gratitude journal
  • Be Proud
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Opposite Thinking
  • Let it Out
  • Give Back
  • Start Your Day
  • Best Possible Self

You can use any journal or notebook that you have, with no special tools or supplies required. I really hope you enjoy the class and bring more positivity into your own life.

Upon enrolment you will receive instant life-long access.


About Helen Colebrook

I am an author, product designer and online teacher. I have worked on some great brand collaborations and featured in publications all over the globe. I currently have over 160K followers across my social media platforms, where I love sharing my journaling adventures.